242 Office Plaza, Tallahassee, Florida 32301
 (850) 656-9881

Florida FOP Specialty License Plate

  1. FOP Membership in any State (to be verified)
    1. Supply your State
    2. Supply your Lodge Number
    3. Supply your FOP Membership Number from your member card
  2. You must be a Member in Good Standing in your local lodge
  3. Vehicle registered in Florida (You may order an FOP tag for each of your vehicles)
  4. No Motorcycle Tags, Handicap Tags, Commercial Vehicle or Vehicle for Hire Tags will be issued
  5. For the Tag Office – bring your old tag, proof of insurance and vehicle registration in your name
  6. Notarized Letter provided by the Florida State Lodge after verification of membership
  7. The FOP tag will contain a series of 5 characters which could be letters or numbers or a combination of both. You may order a Specialty or Vanity Tag from the tag office, however, you will be restricted to only 5 characters. There is an additional fee from the State for Vanity tags. You may check the DHSMV web site for fees and the availability of the tag you want.
  8. The FOP tag will cost $25.00 in addition to the normal tag registration fee which will fund our Fraternal Order of Police Memorial Foundation.
  9. Fill out the tag order form and click Submit. The Notarized Letter will be sent to your email address
You may also request the letter by contacting:

Florida State Lodge
242 Office Plaza
Tallahassee, Florida 32301