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Florida Labor Council

The Labor Council provides full-service union representation in negotiating and enforcing union contracts, improving salaries, working conditions and benefits for law enforcement professionals throughout Florida.

Our members are protected 24 hours a day by a staff of labor representatives, Chief of Staff, General Counsel, and staff attorneys who have the best proven track record of winning. We represent law enforcement professionals exclusively and full-time. When someone wants an expert, they call in the FOP Labor Council.

Standing up for our members effectively and responsibly is a daily occurrence. No unit is too big or too small. We provide training seminars and conduct annual meetings where our members determine the direction of their Labor Council.

We Are Your Union!

The Florida Fraternal Order of Police Labor Council represents law enforcement professionals and more law enforcement bargaining units than any other union in Florida... and for good reason. The FOP Labor Council has the best record in the state for winning for you!

When you join the FOP Labor Council you have a solid team of labor professionals working full time on your side... no matter how big or how
small your unit may be. The FOP Labor Council has a full-time General Counsel, staff attorneys, Chief of Staff, negotiators, and labor representatives whose only job is to represent you and your fellow members in the law enforcement community. In an emergency, they're as close as a single call to our 24-hour hotline.

We Understand Your Needs Better Than Any Other Union.

It just makes sense to join the Florida FOP Labor Council. We helped write the laws that protect law enforcement professionals throughout the state.
We work full-time to make sure those laws are enforced for you.
Representing law enforcement professionals is our only job.

We Are Member - Driven!

Our members are exclusively from the Florida law enforcement community.
Our members determine our direction. We're committed to your future.


The FOP Labor Council employs a full time General Counsel, staff of attorneys, Chief of Staff, and labor representatives who work for you and your fellow members.
  • To represent you in discipline cases
  • To enforce your collective bargaining agreement
  • To pursue your grievances
  • To represent your interests before state and local labor boards
  • To litigate legal issues before local, state and federal courts and agencies
  • To assist you in mediations
  • To assist you at the bargaining table
  • To assist in drafting legislation in your interest


No one else comes even close to matching the experience of the FOP Labor Council. As a member of the FOP Labor Council, you are represented by a professional staff of full-time experienced negotiators and labor representatives who work exclusively for FOP Labor Council members.

Our experienced staff works with your elected negotiating team to provide you with a union contract specifically designed to meet your unique needs in your particular department. An experienced union labor represents you to address day-to-day issues, concerns and problems and unfair labor practices. We effectively apply our experience to persuade management to understand, respect and comply with your needs. And we do it professionally and responsibly.


  • In critical incidents
  • In disciplinary cases
  • The FOP Labor Council's full-time, staff of professionals is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year via our 24-hour HOTLINE
  • Professional Labor Council representatives and staff attorneys are at your side when you experience incidents involving death, use of force and high speed pursuit
  • You have an experienced Labor Council representative at your side when you face disciplinary action